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Asela M - Mystic Phoenix Fortress LLC

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Featured Proposals

Quiker Co - Mobile Mechanic
Quiker offers delivered auto & marine maintenance services. From preventative maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations, to mechanical & engine repairs, Quiker reduces both the cost & time needed to perform maintenance on your car or boat.
  Required Amount $1,200,000
  Minimum Investment $100,000
  Region Michigan
  Stage Achieving Sales
  Investor Role Advisory

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Electric Jetboard Rentals
The electric surfboard market is growing rapidly as more and more people discover the thrill of surfing on still water. Michigan is an ideal location for electric surfboards because of its many lakes and waterways. No Wave, No Worries.
  Required Amount $35,000
  Minimum Investment $20,000
  Region Michigan
  Stage Finished Product
  Investor Role Any

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Second expansion - Cannabis Company
Established, profitable cannabis company seeking capital to expand on property already owned.
  Required Amount $1,000,000
  Minimum Investment $5,000
  Region Michigan
  Stage Achieving Sales
  Investor Role Silent

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Michigan Investors

United States > Michigan

Former banker in VC Bank. Went on to work in the recreational cannabis industry in Washington. Currently live in Michigan as a real estate and cannabis investor. Looking for a new cannabis related venture in the new Michigan markets. Very selective investor.

$5,000 to $40,000

United States > Michigan

Individual investor. I currently work in supply chain & logistics within a manufacturing environment, and I've held a variety of other roles in purchasing and sales in the past. I also currently own a couple rental properties as well as a small residential cleaning business. I have a B.B.A. - Supply Chain and am currently enrolled in an M.B.A. program. I'm a young professional with the entrepreneurial looking for my next project. I'm open to being as involved as necessary and putting in some work, or a silent partner.

$100,000 to $5,000,000

United States > Michigan

25 year old single guy in Rochester, MI. I work as an engineering specialist at Eaton and will be an MBA grad from Indiana University in the next few years. I already have a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering. I've been investing in out-of-country real estate and in-country stock market for the most part. I've got a good network of techies that can help digitalize any industry. I've also got a few close friends who would be interested in a joint investment with me, given that the idea is solid.

$0 to $25,000

United States > Michigan

I'm a college educated insurance professional looking for alternative investment opportunities to the stock market. I'd like my involvement to be strictly silent. I work with a lot of business owners so I have firm grasp on start up costs, ROI, etc.

$10,000 to $200,000

United States > Michigan

Recently retired police officer, currently working as management in the private sector security. Interested in any possible investment but have my eye on anything in the cannabis industry.

$1 to $100,000

United States > Michigan

We are Two Married CPA's.

$1 to $200,000

United States > Michigan

Hello, I am a 38 y.o., looking to invest in wide range of industries to diversify my portfolio. I have experience in residential real estate and beginning to invest in commercial real estate. My wife and I are healthcare professionals and Michigan has been our home for the past 13yrs. I could serve as hands-on or silent partner, depending on the needs of a business.

$10,000 to $100,000

United States > Michigan

Looking for investment opportunities to generate capital to help with funding my investment interests.

$100 to $20,000